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Six important tips on how to place the right bet

August 30, 2016 BY John walsh
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Six important tips on how to place the right bet

How to place the right bet?

The Sports prediction world can be so confusing. The amount of different bookies combined with the massive amount of worldwide sporting events can make a simple prediction, like picking Manchester City (which are clear favorites against most of their opponents) or picking Cardiff city (bookie will offer significantly better odds for a team such as this because they are an underdog most times and can lead to a massive revenue return if you are correct) a tricky task.

In sports betting, you have to take into consideration not only the team itself, but all elements of the betting game from best odds, to deciding the maximum budget for your bets through selecting the best bookie for your betting habits and so forth.
So how to be sure you made the right prediction?

Here are 6 important betting tips for the average punter:

Decide your total budget

Your first "mission", is to accurately calculate how much money you can spend monthly on sports betting, without inflicting harm upon yourself and others around you. Betting over your limit can result in personal bankruptcy, while betting under a very low budget can be very unfulfilling and quite boring. Betting in a responsible matter will not only help you avoid heavy losses, but can even help you earn more!
It is like a card player how doesn’t know how to quit when losing. Even if he knew the next day will be better for him, he still believes he can win his money back right away, thus dragging more harsh mistakes and accumulated losses. All you have to do in order to make sure you will not be a member of this "family" of irresponsible gamblers is to follow this simple guide.

FYI, the "Rule of thumb" indicates a new player should not surpass 1000$ as an initial investment. Every bookie is a little different, offering different odds, so for me personally, a 600$ deposit should be enough to get you going in the right direction, spreading the money among 6-7 bookies in order to enjoy the best spreads.

Deciding on "budget per bet"

The choice of placing a bet with all of your money on the NBA champions "Golden State Warriors", although they are extreme favorites on all bookies, is not always the smart thing to do for the payout even if you win is not high and not "risk worthy". Neither is taking a bet on a clear cut underdog for that matter. Both techniques are… techniques I guess, but will not get you far unless you are very lucky. And we are trying to minimize the luck factor. So that is no good.
The true sport predictors will always spread their betting's on a wide variety of sporting events, knowledge dependent of course. It is common for the beginner punter to place a maximum of 40$ per bet, but for me, 30$ is more reasonable.

Understand how sports' betting odds work

An event's outcome probabilities usually range between 0-100%. For example, when betting on a classic 1x2 bet on Barcelona vs real Bettis, most likely Barcelona will receive lower odds because they are clear cut favorites and will get a 70% winning chance while a draw (25% for example) or real bettis to win (5% to complete a full 100%) will result in much more generous odds because of lower success chances, at most bookies. The wide range of betting types, gives different odds and different payouts for each game. The trick is to find the best odds to correlate with your own knowledge in order to help you choose the best bet for you, without leaving your comfort zone.

The odds themselves act as a multiplier, so you can foresee in advance how much money you can earn of each bet. Different events in different sports have different meanings, multipliers and payouts and needed to be predicted differently. It can get very tricky and confusing but don’t worry. I have a different blog discussing those situations. Look it up on my page.

Bet on what you know

It is always wise to stick to what we know, in most aspects of our lives. Same goes for online betting. Begin by betting on events you have more information about and you are closer personally to them. If you know football, don’t go wandering off to the tennis section because you will, statistically, have less chance predicting the right result. Furthermore, the betting world is filled with different kinds of bets most common people won't even know what they mean. Until you learn each one, bet on the kinds you do know, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Use every information you can get!

Sometimes, the difference between winning and losing can be decided on one's bad ankle, lower form or just downright lack of knowledge on the punters behalf. We have to keep in mind that sports are made by the athletes playing them and they are people just like you, who can get injured, catch an off period and experience many different distractions. All of those and more impair the pre-given odds in many cases, leaving it to the punter himself to look for solid information to back his betting choice and decide that the odds are worthwhile.

Let's take an example: you want to place a bet that Jack Bush (Fake name) will win in a match in 3 sets because you know he is the best. The bookmaker backs you up, giving reasonable odds for that to happen. You place your bet, happy as pie on a window, sitting in front of the T.V waiting to collect your money because you just know it's going to happen. And then he losses 3-1. What went wrong you ask?

Well, it could be just bad luck as sports betting is never a guarantee. It could be because the sun was his eyes or that a ball used in the match are a new kind to him. Maybe it's that new secret affair everyone is talking about or maybe it's that ankle that just won't stop swelling. The point is that you lost because you used pre-judgment on the match, without doing proper research first.

You have to research!

There can be no better place to find good, solid sports information than online. Use every advantage you can get by analyzing the different types of information you receive, from statistical information to downright prediction gossip. All of those can be found on countless websites around the world, in every language, in every country. Once you have this information, use it to decide if the bet is worthwhile. Don’t forget that even an amazing banana will not be eaten by a cat because he won't know what it is, same goes for cat food to a monkey. If you don’t know what to make of the information, don’t place the bet.

Winning isn't everything

Sure, it's nice to win. The feeling you get when your bet succeeds is one of the best feelings out there. And even better, you won the money! Your account is now bigger and the feeling your invincible drives through your mind. You're all ready now to place the next bet and maybe even a double bet because you see the dollars now.
If this is your approach to betting, don’t be surprised if you get knocked down mentally. More than once.
The whole basics of sports betting are the sports themselves. That is the whole reason we wanted to bet in the first place. Winning in sports betting over long periods of time is very hard, unless you are a professional sports predictor, with a specific proven (as can be) system of making money. So unless you are not one of these predictors, you should view sports betting more like a night out to avoid going bananas when loosing. It adds this wonderful element of excitement to sports viewings, making each event you have placed bets on, much more enjoyable to watch. I like to call it "The fun factor". So don’t enter to online gambling with the "money agenda" because it will take something away from the games themselves and you won't always win. Try betting socially. It makes the games much more fun and takes your mind of the money factor so you can enjoy the game as purely as possible.

So now you know all you need to know, not only how to properly place bets, but how to maximize your enjoyment from sports betting.
From here on, the ball is in your court.
Make the best of it.

BY John walsh
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